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(2007-06-10 11:11:13) 1 .to dissolve the parliament解散议会.to have been dug in 掘壕据守3 .to follow in close pursuit紧追不舍4 .to consider the alternatives考虑各种选择5 .to refuse the terms拒绝条件6 .to inflict great loss on us使我们遭受很大损失7 .to call on the enemy tanks叫敌人投降8 .to ourtrace the enemy tanks比敌人坦克开得快9 .to die a sudden death 突然死去10.to receive the surrender受降11.to touch off a mass protest触发群众抗议12.to put an end to the quarrel使争吵停止13.to enlist in the army报名参军14.to heal the wound使伤口愈合15.to conciliate the people 安抚人民;使人民息怒16.to beg one's forgiveness恳求原谅17.to radiate to all parts of the country想全国各地辐射18.to scribble a few words草草写下几个字19.to symbolize peace象征和平20.to restore that building恢复那座建筑1 .generous terms宽宏大量的条件2 .a self-made man 靠自己奋斗出来的人3 .national reconciliation民族和解4 .parole passes通行证5 .toils and sufferings艰苦和牺牲6 .with heavy spirit怀着沉重的心情7 .a shopping spree大买东西8 .the county seat县政府所在地9 .with a sash and presentation sword腰带和佩剑10.dress uniform and field uniform正式军装和野战军服11.a solute of arms带枪行军礼12.a vista of overwhelming stillness四面望去一片使人肃然的寂静13.the havoc of war战争的巨大破坏14.guerrilla warfare游击战争15.terms of surrender投降条件16.a token of love爱的象征或标志1 .to lift the curtain拉起帷幕2 .to resent the treatment对这种对待耿耿于怀3 .to develop a habit 养成习惯4 .to offend the boss得罪老板5 .to commit treason犯叛国罪6 .to dismiss the idea去掉这种想法7 .to bury the dead埋葬死者8 .to declare bankruptcy宣告破产9 .to challenge the authority向权威挑战10.to bend the stick弯曲棍子11.to oppose the decision 反对决定12.to plot murder密谋谋杀13.to diagnose liver cancer诊断为肝癌14.to complicate matters使事情复杂化15.to count her blessings数数她的好事情16.to recharge the battery给电池充电17.to mend her ways 改变她的坏习惯18.to recapture one's childhood重温童年19.to interrogate the suspect审问疑犯20.to disconnect the power切断电源1 .a nursing home养老院2 .physical science自然科学3 .a country wife农妇4 .a brisk walk轻快的步行5 .a delicate child弱不禁风的孩子6 .a delicate situation微妙的形势7 .a formidable army令人敬畏的一支军队8 .a formidable task令人望而生畏的任务9 .a customary reply通常的回答10.a silver lining黑暗中的亮光11.a pep talk给人打气的谈话12.an inadequate report card分数不好的成绩单13.the affluent society 富裕社会14 .expressions of resignation无可奈何的神态15.a flagging spirit低落的情绪16.an effort of will 意志力17.banal advice劝人的套话18.a hazy view蒙胧的景色19.a hazy idea模糊的想法20.a fierce fighter勇猛的斗士21.a fierce storm猛烈的暴风雨22.an ill-tempered boss脾气不好的老板23.an ill-prepared meeting 没有准备好的会议24.a harsh life艰苦的生活25.harsh reality严峻的现实26.a harsh opinion尖刻严厉的意见27.harsh punishment严厉的惩罚28.a naive view天真的观点29.a radiant face红光满面的脸30.a fantastic idea绝妙的主意  1 .to play a dual role扮演双重角色2 .to do one's share尽自己一份努力3 .to boost the market economy增强市场经济4 .to downplay internal problems极力淡化内部问题5 .to justify interventionism表明干涉的正当6 .to curb their curiosity遏制他们的好奇心7 .to accumulate wealth积累财富8 .to manifest a healthy economy反映健康的经济9 .to distribute profits分配利润10.to endure hardships忍受艰苦11.to mobilize public sentiments动员(调动)公众情绪12.to evade taxes 逃避税收13.to exercise their rights行使他们的权力14.to settle a suit解决一桩诉讼案15.to demonstrate their power显示他们的权力16.to corrupt the young腐蚀青年17.to reveal his feelings流露他的感情18.to gather information收集信息19.to operate this business经营这项业务20.to romanticize country life美化乡村生活21.to manipulate public opinion操纵舆论22.to pretend innocence装作毫不知情23.to occupy the office担任这一职位24.to ease the pressure减轻压力1 .lesser mortals小百姓/无权无势的普通人2 .powerful officeholders位高权重的官3 .addictive and injurious products  能使人上瘾和有害的产品4 .the Food and Drug commissioner食品和药品管理局局长5 .public sentiment公众情绪6 .inflationary pressure通货膨胀的压力7 .a deceptive manipulator不可靠的专门操纵控制别人的人8 .shallowness of spirit and mind精神和思想的浅薄9 .Oval Office(白宫)椭圆形办公室10.a petty, vindictive, and bigoted man 充满报复心理和偏见的卑劣小人11.rival political figures政治上的竞争对手12.incriminating information能证明有罪的材料13.illegal wiretaps非法电话窃听14.persons of mediocre endowment智力和才能十分平常的人15.wealthy financiers and corporate CEOs有钱的金融家和公司首席执行官16.country retreats乡间僻静的修养处17.full-time Secret Service protection一天24小时的特工保护18.chauffeured limousines配有专门司机的轿车19.a well-stocked wine cellar藏酒丰富的地窖20.Air Force One空军一号(美总统专机)21.a corporate salesman公司推销员22.presidential candidates总统候选人23.overseas investment海外投资24.primary commitment abroad在国外的首要任务25.national well-being国家的幸福26.a runaway national debt失去控制的国债27.wild-eyed enemies狂暴无知的敌人28.below the poverty line贫困线以下29.private initiative个人主动性和积极性30.the head of state国家元首31.the business community工商界/企业界32.a record trade deficit创记录的贸易赤子  1 .to survive the flood逃过水灾活了下来2 .to gain more power获得很多的权力3 .to satisfy one's desires满足一个人的欲望4 .to fulfil one's plan完成个人的计划5 .to share our worries and pains分担我们的忧虑6 .to condemn their total indifference谴责他们无动于衷7 .to serve the customers为顾客服务8 .to record many such cases 记载下很多这种情况9 .to preach universal brotherhood宣讲博爱10.to preserve their privileges保持他们的特权11.to advocate the use of bicycles提倡使用自行车12.to wrong innocent people冤枉好人13.to manipulate people操纵他人14.to question one's ability对某人的能力提出疑问15.to stifle people's thinking窒息人们的思想16.to seek revenge寻找复仇机会1 .a long-term plan长期计划2 .monotonous work单调的工作3 .an oppressive atmosphere使人感到压抑的气氛4 .genetic structure基因结构5 .a power payoff以权力形式提供的回报6 .a sense of belonging一种归属感7 .a spontaneous reaction自然的反应8 .unbridled power不受控制约束的权力9 .a work incentive工作动力10.built-in behaviors原有的(天生的)行为(模式)11.social status社会地位12.a humble origin卑微的出身13.bare necessities最低生活必需品14.downtrodden people被踩在脚下的人们15.masters of this art这种艺术的大师16.the virtue of humility谦逊的美德17.the mores of a culture文化习俗和传统18.the all-pervasive sense of despair普遍存在的绝望感1 .to mold youngster's thinking塑造年轻人的心灵2 .to restrain one's impulse克制冲动3 .to spread butter涂上黄油4 .to set the stage作好了准备;创造了条件5 .to contaminate the environment污染环境6 .to undergo great sufferings经理了很大的痛苦折磨7 .to spray paint喷上油漆8 .to still the noises使声音平静9 .to modify the tone缓和口气10.to work unknown harm造成未曾料到的伤害11.to work miracles创造奇迹12.to acquire power获得权力13.to desert one's friends抛弃朋友14.to desert the city放弃这一城市15.to settle the dispute解决这一争端16.to settle the matter解决这一问题17.to delight the eye 赏心悦目18.to invade that country侵入那个国家19.to invade someone's privacy 侵犯某个人隐私20.to sink a well挖一口井1 .an evil spell妖魔所施的魔法或所下的咒语2 .browned and withered vegetation焦黄枯萎的草木3 .harsh reality严峻的现实4 .air contamination空气的污染5 .lethal weapons致命的武器6 .synthetic materials人工合成的材料7 .an inventive mind有创造力的头脑8 .brand names品牌名9 .chemical war化学战10.advance investigation事先的调查11.a life-and-death struggle生死斗争12.introduced species外来的物种13.natural reserves自然保护区14.intensification of agriculture农业的精耕细作 1 .to scratch each other's backs相互挠背(串通一气做互相有利的不正当的事情)2 .to do business with that country和那个国家做生意3 .Publish or perish不出版,就完蛋(西方学界口号)4 .to found a new religion建立一个新的宗教5 .to convert RMB into foreign currency将人民币换成外币6 .to seek the truth 寻找真理7 .to discard the old traditions抛掉旧的传统8 .to satirize human vanity讽刺人的虚荣9 .to inhabit that island在那岛上住人10.to admire their courage钦佩他们的勇气11.to neglect one's duty玩忽职守12.to escape the consequences逃避后果13.to erase if from one's memory从记忆中消除14.to take command负责指挥15.to block one's way挡路16.to ruin one's reputation毁掉名誉1 .neglected fortifications年久失修的防御工事2 .a squatter's hut(美国历史上的)擅自占有土地的人所搭的临时简陋房子3 .a storage jar储蓄罐4 .perishable goods容易变质的商品5 .conventions of society社会习俗6 .tottering drunks摇摇晃晃,头重脚轻的酒鬼7 .a hermit's cave隐士住的山洞8 .the man of the hour当前的风云人物9 .heroic figures英雄人物10.an air of destiny一种带有使命感的神志11.a fiery glance看人时如火的眼光12.a war scare战争引起的恐慌13.a shower of stones如雨点一般的石头14.a handful of trouble-makers一群麻烦制造者1 .to peel the potatoes削土豆皮2 .to decorate the rooms布置房间3 .to lift her veil掀开面纱4 .to unbutton the collar解开衣领5 .to loathe the weather讨厌这天气6 .to haunt my memory使我魂系梦牵7 .to draw a deep breath 深深地吸了口气8 .to make a grimace作了个鬼脸9 .to give a hint给了一个暗示10.not to breathe a word不透漏一个字11.to stretch one's neck伸长脖子12.to unfold the map 打开地图13.to float on the river漂流在河上14.to plead with her向她请求15.to prick up one's ears竖起耳朵16.to ripple in the breeze微风中清波荡漾17.to hover over the trees在树上盘旋18.to lay down the apple 放下苹果1 .to shape one's mind塑造某人的思想2 .to honor one's commitment忠于承诺3 .to sustain life维持生命4 .to raise a family 养家5 .to make a judgement作出判断6 .to focus one's attention集中注意7 .to devastate the country摧毁国家8 .to blame the weather责怪天气9 .to avoid sacrifice避免牺牲10.to demand justice要求公正11.to criticize the theory批评这种理论12.to condemn the war谴责战争13.to emphasize education强调教育14.to acknowledge defeat承认失败15.to sustain economic growth维持经济增长16.to restore the building 恢复这幢建筑17.to cause trouble引起麻烦18.to resist the temptation抵制诱惑1 .the animal kingdom动物界2 .a product of causation某种原因造成的结果3 .free will自由意志4 .reflexive reactions条件反射5 .biologically determined由生物本能决定的6 .natural selection自然选择7 .elevated beings of choices高级动物;万物之灵8 .survival of the fittest适者生存9 .innate drives固有欲望10.altruistic behavior利他的行为11.social status社会地位12.a fateful night一个关键的晚上13.a rightful place正当的地位14.immediate pleasure眼前一时痛快15.brute strength蛮力16.an inner battle思想斗争17.a guilty conscience良心不安;良心有愧18.leaps of faith 对未经证实之事物的信仰19.an escape clause合同的例外条款20.a vegetable state植物人的状态21.a long-term goal长期目标22.an absorbing movie十分吸引人的电影23.quality time全心全意和孩子相聚的时间24.a value system价值观念体系1 .resume her writing继续去写她的东西2 .to betray his true feelings流露他的真情3 .to arouse great anger引起巨大愤怒4 .to make a fool of oneself出自己的洋相5 .to inform everyone concerned通知相关的所有人6 .to reach our destination到达我们的目的地7 .to make inquiries问讯8 .to suffer a terrible pain遭受巨大痛苦9 .to pitch a stone扔一块石头10.to make a point of doing sth(因为重要)专门去做某事11.to infringe on my privcay侵犯我的隐私12.to abandon the research放弃研究13.to launch a new project上一个新项目14.to start one's life afresh重新做人15.to adopt a new method采纳一种新方法16.to provoke a violent reaction挑起激烈的反应17.to appreciate your support感激你的支持18.to recover one's missing car找回自己丢失的车19.to resent the unfair treatment对不公平待遇感到愤怒和怨恨20.to involve dealing with all kinds of people涉及到和各种人打交道1 .to risk being criticized冒挨批评的危险2 .to present the evidence摆出证据3 .to capture the tiger抓住老虎4 .to twist the fact 扭曲事实5 .to cover one's blunder掩盖失误6 .to recreate the scene重现当时情景7 .to stamp one's feet跺脚8.to slip through one's feet 从某人手中溜掉9 .to put oneself in sb's life设身处地/将自己放在某人地位上10.to run for one's life 逃命11.to break the tie打破平衡僵局12.to give a demonstration做一示范13.to obscure the truth使真理变模糊14.to take a deep breath做深呼吸15.to run the country治理国家1 .unshakable testimony铁证2 .reasonalbe stress合理的怀疑3 .heavy makeup 重施脂粉;艳抹4 .emotioanl stress精神压力5 .a hung jury陪审团意见分歧,无法作出决定6 .a criminal court(civil court)刑事(民事)法庭7 .close(distant)realtives近(远)亲8 .a final verdict最终判决9 .a junk shop旧货店10.a defense counselor辩护律师11.potential menace潜在威胁12.a breeding-ground 1 .to commit a grave error犯严重错误2 .to handle the case 负责处理该案3 .to give testimony出庭作证4 .to provide evidence提供证据5 .to identify the weapon验明凶器6 .to wipe off the fingerprints抹去指印7 .to conduct a cross-examination进行盘问8 .to put something to the vote付诸表决9 .to call for a vote要求表决10.to vote by secret ballot以不记名投票方式表决11.to vote for or against投票赞成或反对12.to vote gulity投票认为有罪13.to give the verdict 作出判决14.to sentence sb to death 判处某人死刑15.to pull a smart trick成功地耍一个花招16.to jam the river塞住河流1 .to quote the Bible 援引圣经2 .to list all the reasons列出所有理由3 .to dial the phone number拨这个电话号码4 .to define a word给这个词下个定义5 .to serve a jail term在监狱服刑6 .to owe someone an apology 该向某人道歉7 .to refute an argument驳斥论点8 .to test the sharpness of a knife试试刀锋9 .to clear one's throat清清喉咙10.to miss the point说话离题11.to set a time limit确定一个时间限制12.to make a rule 定下规则13.to split the rent分担房租14.to pass a given point经过某一特定点15.to tear sth.to shreds/pieces撕得粉碎16.to get back to the point回到正题17.to stab(sb.) in the back背后捅刀1 .to explore the secrets of nature2 .to endure pain and suffering探索自然的秘密3 .to earn everybody's admiration忍受痛苦和折磨4 .to suspect a dirty plot怀疑有个阴谋5 .to introduce this sheep引进这种羊6 .to surround the enemy包围敌人7 .to demand an open apology要求公开道歉8 .to extend her hand伸出她的手9 .to roam the fields在田野里漫游10.to dangle his feet 悬空摆动他的脚11.to catch one's breath倒抽一口冷气12.to give permission给予批准13.to abandon hope放弃希望14.to accumulate experience积累经验15.to form a strong team形成一个有力的班子16.to possess property拥有财产17.to design a new model设计新的款式18.to collect facts收集事实1 .a rewarding expeience有一次收获的经历2 .seemingly different看起来似乎不同的3 .odds and ends零星的东西4 .ancient castles古老的城堡5 .a barbed-wire fence铁丝网篱笆6 .figures of carved stone石雕的人或动物像7 .a paradise on earth 人间天堂8 .stuffed birds制成标本的鸟9 .dense laurels密集的月桂树丛10.softly-carpeted floor铺者柔软地毯的地板11.a rare animal一种珍稀动物12.potential buyers潜在的购买者13.dried leaves晒干了的树叶14.a familiar-looking house样子很熟悉的房子15.clumsy movement 笨拙的动作16.retired workers退休工人17.glass-fronted cases面上有玻璃的书架18.powerful binoculars高倍望远镜 1 .to call it a day决定今天到此为止2 .to cast a line抛出鱼线3 .to head a corporation担任公司负责人4 .to make profit获得利润5 .to pay(in) cash付现金6 .to improve performance改进性能7 .to quit school停学8 .to make a deal做一笔交易9 .to start again with a vengeance变本加厉重新开始10.to risk all the savings冒失去所有积蓄的风险11.to incorporate a company注册登记成立一家公司12.to assemble a car组装一辆汽车13.to gross(top,net) 10 million dollars营业额达(总数超/纯利润达)一千万美元14.to develop products开发产品15.to market products营销产品16.to lead a normal life过普通人的生活17.to own subsidiaries拥有子公司18.to draw a lesson from it 从中得出教训19.to realize a dream实现梦想20.to enter into the computer输入电脑21.to donate money捐钱22.to fool around游手好闲,不务正业1 .oil tycoon石油大王2 .business(economic) prospects经济前景3 .a business order商务订单4 .a competitive edge竞争优势5 .business license营业执照6 .inventory and overheads库存和管理费7 .custom-made(personalized)computers按客户需要配置的电脑8 .surplus stock/excess inventory库存过多9 .a sales quota销售定额10.added value增值11.a retail price零售价格12.the opportunity of a lifetime千载难逢的机会13.Thanksgiving break感恩节假日14.spring recess春假15.finance and administration财务和管理16.direct marketing直销17.a law firm律师事务所18.accounting basics会计基础19.a money-back guarantee可以退货的保证20.to call toll-free打免费电话21.on-site service现场服务22.wholly owned subsidiaries独资子公司23.a civic center公共设施集中册市中心24.the Jewish community犹太人社区25.end users(产品的)最终用户1 .to run a hardware store经营一家五金店2 .to give too much credit给顾客赊帐过多3 .to refuse credit拒绝赊帐4 .to stand the heat忍受炎热5 .to stand the insult忍受侮辱6 .to take charge of the army负责指挥这支军队7 .to smash the window打碎窗户8 .to go broke变得不名分文9 .to make up a story编一个故事10.to hush it up 避免张扬11.to sympathize with poor people同情穷人12.to get hold of some wine弄到一些酒13.to take a couple of shots of the beer喝了几口啤酒14.to hire an assistant雇了一个助手15.to liven up the atmosphere活跃气氛16.to lick the enemy打败敌人17.to slap something on the table啪的一下把一个东西放在桌上18.to embarrass the guests使客人感到难堪19.to startle somebody把某人吓了一跳20.to strike out into the darkness向黑暗中奋力游去1 .school personnel学校教职员工2 .political maturity政治上的成熟3 .developmental changes成长过程中的变化4 .identity crisis认同危机5 .romantic relationship恋爱关系6 .genetic engineering遗传工程7 .academic life学术生活8 .chance events偶然事件9 .ethnic identity民族认同10.adolescence stage青春期11.racial prejudice种族偏见12.daily agenda每天工作日程13.ethical values伦理道德观念14.functional independence处理日常生活的能力15.historical background历史背景16.the opposite ses异性17.emotional support感情上的支持18.a way of life生活方式1 .to pursue an education 追求一种教育2 .to acquire knowledge获得知识3 .to handle the case处理这件个案4 .to define the word给这词下定义5 .to select one's major挑选主修科目6 .to resent the treatment 对这种对待感到反感7 .to establish their indentity确立自己身份8 .to frustrate the students使学生感到沮丧9 .to declare war宣战10.to drag one's feet拖着脚步11.to evaluate the result对结果进行评估12.to process knowledge对知识进行加工13.to perform one's duty尽自己的义务14.to narrow the gap缩小差距15.to expand business扩大业务16.to expect better results期待着更好的结果17.to assemble cars装配汽车18.to present facts提出事实   

1.It's up to you.由你决定

2.I envy you我羡慕你

3.How can I get in touch with you?

4.Where can I wash my hands?请问洗手间在哪里?

5.What's the weather like today?今天天气如何?

6.I wasn't born yesterday.我又不是三岁小孩?

7.What do you do for relaxation?你做什么消遣?

8.It's a small world.世界真小!

9.It's my treat this time.这次我请客!

10.The sooner the better.越快越好!

11Where are you headed?你要到哪里去?

12.When is the most convenient time for you?

13.Take your time.慢慢来/别着急

14.I'm mad about Bruce Lee.我迷死李小龙了

   I'm crazy about rock music.我对摇滚乐很着迷

15.How do I address you?我怎么称呼你?

16.What's your name again?


17.Would you care for a cup of coffee?


18.She turns me off.她使我厌烦。

19.So far so good.目前为止,一切都好

20.It drives me crazy.它把我逼疯了

21.She never showed up .她一直没有出现

22.That's not like him.那不象是他的风格

24.I got sick and tired of hotels.我讨厌旅馆。

25.Be my guest.请便,别客气。

26.Can you keep an eye on my bag?


27.Let’s keep in touch.让我们保持联系。

28.Let’s call it a day .决定或同意暂时或永久停止。

29.I couldn’t help (避免;阻止)it 。我没办法

30.Something’s come up.有点事/出事了

31.Let’s get to the point.让我们来谈要点

32.Keep that in mind .记住那件事

33.That was a close call.太危险了/千钧一发

34.I’ll be looking forward to it .我将期待这一天

35.Chances are slim.机会很小

36.Far from it .一点也不。

37.I’m behind in my work.我工作进度落后了。

38.It’s a pain in the neck.那真是件麻烦事

39.We’re in the same boat.我们处境相同

40.My mouth is watering.我在流口水

41.What do you recommend?你推荐什么?

42.I ache all over.我浑身酸痛

43.I have a runny nose.我流鼻涕

44.It’s out of the question.这是不可能的

45.Do you have any openings?你们有空缺吗?

46.It doesn’t make any difference.没什么差别/无所谓

47.I’m fed up(极其讨厌)with him 我受够他了

48.You can count on us .你可以信赖我们

49.It doesn’t work.坏了,不动了

50.It’s better than nothing.总比什么都没有好

51.For the time being.暂时,暂且,目前

52.I’m not myself today.我今天心神不宁。

53.I have a sweet tooth.我喜欢吃甜食

54.I can’t express myself very well in English.


55.Think nothing of it.别放在心上。

56.This milk has gone bad.这牛奶变质了。

57.Don’t beat around the bush.别拐弯抹角了

58.It’s up in the air(悬而未决)(尚未确定)

59.Math is beyond me.我对数学无能为力

60.It slipped my mind 我忘了

61.You can’t please everyone.你不可能讨好每一个人

62.I’m working on it .我正在努力

63.You bet!当然

64.Drop me a line 写封信给我

65.Are you pulling my leg?你在开我玩笑吗?

66.Sooner or later.迟早会的

67.I’ll keep my ears open .我会留意的

68.It isn’t much.那是微不足到的

69.Neck and neck 不分上下

70.I’m feeling under the weather.


71.Don’t get me wrong.不要误会我

72.I’m under a lot of pressure.我压力很大

73.You’re the boss.听你的

74.It doesn’t make any sense!毫无意义

75.If I were in your shoes.如果我是你的话

76.What’s this regarding?这是关于哪方面的

77.Over my dead body休想

78.Can you give me a hand?你能帮个忙吗

79.We have thirty minutes to kill


80. Whatever you say .随便你

81.You name(具体地说出来)it!你说出来

82.It’ll come to me .我会想起来的

83.Time will tell.时间会证明的

84.I will play it by ear.见机行事

85.You should take advantage of it .


86.Let’s talk over coffee.我们边喝边谈

87.Take it easy .轻松一点/别紧张

88.I’m easy to please.我很容易相处

89.Let’s give him a big hand.让我们热烈鼓掌

90.As far as I’m concerned.就我而言

91.I’m all mixed up .我全搞混了

92.Let’s get together one of these days.


93.He’s behind the times他落伍了/跟不上时代了

95.I’m up to my ears in work.我忙死了

96.You can’t do this to me .你不能这么对我

97.Just to  be on the safe side .为了安全起见

98.I hope I didn’t offend you .希望没有冒犯你

99.It won’t take much time .好久不见了

100.It’s been a long time .好久不见了

101.It’s nothing.小事情。不足挂齿

102.It’s a long story 说来话长

103.It’s about time.时间差不多了

104.It’s incredible难以置信

105.It’s hard to say.难说

106.I can’t imagine why.我想不通为什么

107.That can’t be 不可能

108.That’s really something 真了不起

109.Are you  sure你确信吗

110.Are you crazy?你疯了吗

111.Excuse me for a moment 失陪一会了

112.I mean it .I’m serious .I’m no kidding!我是认真的

113.I’ll consider this matter.我会考虑这件事

114.I’ll do something about it 我会想办法的

115.What are you talking about?你在说些什么?

116.I’m afraid I can’t.我恐怕不行。

117.I’m dying(很想 )to see you.我真想见你

118.I’m flattered.过奖了

119.I’m not in the mood.我没心情

120.I’m so scared.我怕极了

121.I can’t make it .我去不了/我赶不上

122.You can never tell.不知道/谁也没把握

123.I won’t buy you story.我不信你那一套

124.It hurts like hell.疼死了

125.It can’t be helped.无能为力

126.Sorry to bother you.抱歉打扰你(事前)

     Sorry to have bothered you抱歉打扰你(事后)

127.I’m always punctual我总是很准时

128.You may leave it to me 交给我来办

129.I wish I could .不行

130.What’s the rush?什么事那么匆忙

131.What’s so funny有什么好笑的

132.I couldn’t agree more.我完全同意

133.Stay out of this matter .please请别管这事

134.Don’t just shake you head.别光摇头,想想办法

135.Don’t jump to conclusion.别仓促/过早下结论

136.That was a lousy movie.那电影糟透了

137.Have you thought about staying home?是否考虑在家呆着

138.I’ll come .I give you my word我会来的。我向你保证

139.I swear I’ll never tell anyone.我发誓不告诉任何人

140.I’ll make it up to you 我会赔偿的

141.I’m very/really/terribly/awfully/extremely sorry.十分抱歉

142.Forgive me for breaking my promise.原谅我失言

143.Let’s forgive and forget.让我们摈弃前嫌

144.I’ve heard so much about you.久仰大名

145.Don’t underestimate me .别小看我

146.She gives me a headache.她让我头疼

147.It’s very annoying.真烦人

148.He often fails to keep his word.他常常不遵守诺言

149.You made me feel ashamed of myself你让我感到惭愧

150.I hope it turns out all right我希望结果很好

151.I can’t handle this alone我无法单独处理这事。

152.How long will it take to have this radio fixed?


153.Come to me if you’re in any difficuly有困难来找我

154.Who do you think you are ?你以为你是谁?

155.You’re wasting your breath你在白费口舌

156.It doesn’t seem like that .似乎不象是那样

157.Don’t get on my nerves.不要搅得我心烦

158.Everything will be fine.一切都会很好

159.I’ll be ready in a few minutes.再过几分钟就好了

160.I wonder what happened  to him .我不知道他出什么事了

161.You are just trying to save face你只是想挽回面子

162.His argument doesn’t hold water.他的论点站不住脚

163.Your face tells it all.你的表情透漏了一切

164.The days are getting longer.白天越来越长

165.You’ve got to do something.你一定要想办法

166.I hope this will teach you  a lesson.希望这会给你一个教训

167.I feel younger than ever.我觉得比以前年轻

168. It’s a hard job, but I hope he can make it .


169.Don’t look wise.别自作聪明

170.I’m afraid all my efforts were in vain.


171.What happened to your memory?你的记性是怎么搞的

172.You’re going too far!你过分了

173.Don’t bury your head in the sand .不要逃避现实

174.I have  no other choice .我别无选择

175.I don’t  have the nerve to do it .我没胆/勇气去做

176.It’s a matter of life and death.是关生死

177.Nothing works.不对劲儿。

178.Money will come and go.钱乃身外之物。

179.He’s been behind bars for almost 30 years. 我坐了将近30年牢

180.If I had known that, I could have helped you .


181.I couldn’t care less .我不在乎

182.You have my word.我保证

183.He hit the ceiling at the news.他听到那消息暴跳如雷/大发雷霆

184.I don’t mind staying up late.我不在乎熬夜

185.You’re too outspken.你太直率了

186.I can’t afford it.我承担/买不起

187.I think it’s a reasonable price 我觉得这是个合理的价钱

188.I’d like to try on these hats.我想试试这些帽子

189.He puts me to shame.他使我蒙羞

190.Every dog has his day.凡人皆有得意时

191.Don’t give me any excuses.不要给我任何理由

192.Are you out of your mind.你疯了吗

193.He’s been everywhere.他到处都去过了

194.What’s bothering you?什么在困扰你

195.Who is blame?该怪谁?

196.There’s a lot of rumors going around.有很多流言传着

197.I don’t feel up to that 我觉得不能胜任那工作

198.I’m mad at myself .我生自己的气

199.It’s raining cats and dogs.下着倾盆大雨

200.The sky is getting very cloudy.天空的云越来越多了。

201.You won’t get away with this.你逃不掉惩罚的

202.I’m tired of going to school day after day.我厌倦每天上学

203.Who am I supposed to see?我应该去见谁

204.His idea is childish.他的想法很幼稚

205.I need small change.我需要零钱

206.Don’t try to brainwash me .别想给我洗脑

207.I don’t seem to have any luck today.我今天运气不好

208.That reminds me .那提醒了我

209.What the hell are you doing ?你到底在做什么

210.I can’t seem to get to sleep.我好像睡不着

211.You look very serious about something .你似乎有很严重的事

212.I hope I’m not in the way .我希望没有造成妨碍

213.What are you so excited about?什么事让你如此兴奋

214.Tell me about your trouble.把你的烦恼告诉我。

215.I feel much better now.我感觉好多了

216.I hope you will get well soon. 希望你很快会恢复

217.She is sick in bed. 她卧病在床

218.I have a slight fever.我轻微发烧

219.A fool never learns.傻瓜永远学不会

220.This is the schedule for tomorrow.这是明天的日程安排

221.How late are you open ?你们营业到多晚

222.I’m here on business.我来这里出差

223.What’s HongKong famous for?香港以什么闻名?

224.What brings you to Beijing?什么风把你吹到北京来的

225.She looks blue.她满面忧伤

226.I just don’t know what to say.我就是不知道说什么

227.Let’s have fun tonight.今晚让我们乐一乐

228.Thank you for coming to see me off.谢谢你来为我送行

229.Take a hike !哪凉快哪呆着去